Casa ERP System
ERP System

ERP System on the production process to get high quality carbon products.

1. The raw materials are stringently tested, including Differential Scanning Calorimetry tests performed in the laboratory to ensure that the heat tolerance is within acceptable limits (the Glass Transition Temperature (TG) must be within 0.5% to pass).

2. This batch of carbon rims has been subjected to all routine tests: Spoke hole, braking performance and destructive testing have all been performed.
3. We have rigorous manufacturing process controls.
4. Each product is covered by liability insurance. We confidently warrant our products for 2 years due to our robust production management system(ERP): Every rim that leaves our factory has a serial number that can be used to trace every manufacturing step performed in the factory, so customers can purchase our products without any worries.

Attrezzature di X-Moto Co., Ltd, un marchio di fabbricazione di carbonio ruota, Cina.

X-Bike Equipment Co., Ltd, è che un produttore di biciclette carbonio stabilito dal 2007.To soddisfano le esigenze dei nostri consumatori per qualità eccezionale carbonio biciclette, cerchi in carbonio superleggero, ruote. Abbiamo entrare il mercato e la gara, ascoltare, osservare e imparare, in modo che siamo in grado di guardare avanti e capire le tendenze che forma il nostro business in futuro e muoversi rapidamente preparare ciò che deve per venire.